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About Todosk

Purpose of establishment; To spread, promote, popularize and protect nature love. To participate in all sports and cultural activities in this direction and to organize studies in branches. It strives to ensure that the spiritual personality and health of its members and supporters are at the highest level. It organizes mountaineering activities, nature walks and trips at home and abroad, and conducts research and organizations in order to increase the knowledge, manners and skills of our athletes. When necessary, it cooperates with foreign athletes and clubs, organizes training climbs and trips, and provides guidance services. The club does not deal with politics.

Contact Details

Elmalı Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi 22.Sokak Ulutaş Apt. No:10/13 Muratpaşa-Antalya

Phone : +90 242 2438510 | Mobile : +90 552 480 8510